At Hannon Fleet Sales we will always consider a trade-in or part-exchange.

While the trucks, trailers and vans we sell are predominantly from the fleet of our parent company, Hannon Transport, we do accept trade-ins and part-exchanges.  Many of our business customers find that trade-ins offer the best option when it comes to moving on or trading up.  Truck drivers need to be on the road to be earning so most can’t afford the time to deal with or meet potential buyers.  Trade-ins offer a great way to put drivers in control when it comes to time to change.

We will offer a fair price based on value and condition.

Over the years we have built up relationships with many outlets specialising in selling on trade-ins.  This allows us to move these on and let’s us concentrate on doing what we do best – selling vehicles from our own fleet and carefully sourcing specialist tractor units, rigids, vans and trailers for sale.

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