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Flexible Hire / Long-term Rental

At HANNON Fleet Sales we can offer all types of van and truck finance such as PCP, HP, Finance Lease & Outright Purchase, but in particular and growing in popularity is Flexible Rental / Long Term Hire.

Flexible Rental / Long Term Hire is a relatively new product in the marketplace, and is proving to be a popular alternative to traditional finance options for those who need flexible fleet management to deal with a range of short to medium-term scaling needs or even just helping to deal with the risk that uncertainty brings to business.

More than ever, businesses are making rental their first choice when it comes to managing a flexible fleet  in a fast-paced market.  Flexible Rental / Long Term Hire is often a practical alternative to leasing or purchase, allowing customers to hire as and when they need, for anywhere from 3, 6, 12 months and longer.

As part of our long-term hire services, we can offer long term van or truck rental services for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, we can offer you long term van /truck rental at very competitive rates and a fantastic level of flexibility.  When you hire a commercial vehicle from HANNON Fleet Sales, you can have complete confidence that you will not be tied into inflexible long-term agreements from which you cannot leave.

  1. Perfect for sole traders, partnerships, and small to medium-sized contractors and hauliers.
  2. Allows easy management of a variable fleet requirement in an uncertain and rapidly changing business environment and allows you to increase or decrease fleet immediately and adapt as your business needs change.
  3. Maximum flexibility – customers do not have to specify a date or time for vehicles to be returned.  This means you can scale your fleet to exactly match the work you have on.
  4. Keeps fleet costs lean because vehicles are only paid for when they are in use.
  5. Protects you against the costs of depreciating assets that occur with outright purchase.
  6. Protects fleet managers against flexible variable rates often associated with short-term hire.
  7. Flexible rental vehicles tend to be newer and well maintained, so you are less likely to incur downtime.
  8. Workforces are becoming more flexible and staff can often be quicker to move on – Flexible Rental / Long Term Hire means you can hand the vehicle back until you have the new member of staff in place.
  9. Great alternative to traditional rigid fleet finance policies that normally have a retention period of three-to-four years and often have mileage penalties built-in.
  10. Need a Euro 6 for jobs in London’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ)? – flexible rental can be perfect for this.
  11. We can also supply flexible rental vehicles with your company livery.
  12. Plans can be tailored to fit your exact needs.


We can cater for all needs and arrange suitable finance for the private individual, business or even if you are a large fleet customer.

We will, under certain circumstances, also consider ‘flexi-hire’ terms, whereby operators have many of the benefits of contract hire but without the fixed long-term commitment.

Flexible Rental / Long Term Hire is a great alternative that you might not have considered or even have been aware of.  Call us on 02895 817777 to get some advice and to talk to us about the best options for you to finance your next commercial vehicle.

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